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                                                February Stock Illustrations – 385,189 ...                                                                                                 


Here are a few reminders for this school year:

- Remember to bring a lunch and snack

- Bring a water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day if needed

- Wednesday, Feb. 20th Mass: full mass uniform- please make sure you are in full mass uniform. (Dress Code can be found on pages 34-38 in the parent handbook.) 

Upcoming events for February 

Monday, February 19 NO SCHOOL – Teacher Professional Development

Thursday, February 22 SHCS 75th Anniversary Mass at 6pm. Students come to mass in full mass uniform. 

Friday, February 23 NO SCHOOL

Accelerated Reader (AR): 3RD QUARTER AR CLOSES 3/1/24

 AR is used by many schools to track students' reading comprehension. Each student will be given a goal to reach each 9-weeks. I have given students an AR record sheet that they will keep in their folder (3rd grade: Orange, 4th grade: Red, and 5th grade: Purple). On this sheet, you will see their reading level. This is the level of books they will be expected to be reading. After testing on AR, students will record scores and points earned on a record sheet in their folder. There will be a space for parents to initial. Students will not be able to test at home. Below you will find EACH GRADE LEVEL WEEKLY GOAL:

3rd grade: 3 POINTS

4th grade: 3.5 POINTS

5th grade: 4 POINTS


Test/Quiz Schedule  

3rd-5th grade

Spelling Test will be next Thursday 2/29


Spelling Words: Here are the Spelling words for next week. We will not have a Spelling Test this week. 

3rd grade-Spelling words are all underlined words in each sentence.

Spelling Pattern: Plurals 

  1. It has been two years since that party.
  2. I had no idea you and your brother are twins!
  3. She collected the trays at the end of class.
  4. How many states are in America?
  5. After the fire, all I saw were ashes.
  6. Foxes can be dangerous.
  7. How many inches are in a yard?
  8. How many legs do flies have?
  9. There are many cities in California.
  10. I love to watch ponies run.
  11. There are bunches of flowers growing in the forest.
  12. Mom told me to stay away from alleys while walking home.
  13. I planned many lunches for the school year.
  14. I love to eat cherries.
  15. I will buy daisies for my mother.

4th grade-Spelling words are all underlined words in each sentence.

Spelling Pattern: y to i

  1. Your joke was funnier than mine.
  2. Nine families live on our street.
  3. He has a bank full of pennies.
  4. I was worried that we’d be late.
  5. Smiling, my mom replied, “Yes.”
  6. The jellybean flavors were varied.
  7. My sister marries Jim next week.
  8. A student carries books.
  9. We easily made it on time.
  10. That’s the silliest story I’ve heard.
  11. I felt jumpier before the test.
  12. My bag is emptier than yours.
  13. We are merrier on weekends.
  14. Has she applied to college?
  15. We sat cozily next to the fire.
  16. We all felt bad, but Mike was the sorriest.
  17. The princess smiled prettily.
  18. My cousin is lazier than I am.
  19. I am happiest when it snows.
  20. Jon was the dizziest boy on the ride.

5th grade-Spelling words are all underlined words in each sentence. 

Spelling Pattern: Prefix

  1. Snow in April is unusual.
  2. He has an underwater camera.
  3. The car must regain speed.
  4. repairedthe broken plate.
  5. Bridget was unaware of the time.
  6. Some animals are unfriendly.
  7. The project was unfinished.
  8. Forger the unimportant details.
  9. I'll refreeze these blueberries.
  10. We must replenish the water supply.
  11. The play will reunite the actors.
  12. I like to rediscover old music.
  13. Can you rewrap this package?
  14. Did I disconnect the phone?
  15. Mom tries to discourage yelling.
  16. Stealing is dishonest.
  17. The letter is nonspecific.
  18. Don’t misguide your brother.
  19. The heat can overwhelm you.
  20. Let’s submerge our feet in the pool!

Classroom Resources


Please sign up for Remind. It is an excellent form of communication between parents and teacher.  You will not need to download the app to register. You will just simply have to text the following message @4heart to this number 81010. IF you have the app, you will just click join class and enter class code. Below you will find the code for each grade level. You may send messages Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and I will reply as soon as possible. 


4th: @4heart

5th: @25heart