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Junior High Language Arts

 Week of December 9-13

NOTE: Grades are posted regularly, and middle school students are strongly encouraged to keep up with their own grades on Gradelink. 

It is EXAM week in ELAR! 

All middle school students will be participating in the AR (Accelerated Reader) program and will need a certain number of AR points each 9 weeks. 

  • 1st 9 weeks: 30 points
    • 15 points due by Thursday, 9/5
    • Full points (30) due by Thursday, 10/11 
  • 2nd 9 weeks: 35 points
    • 18 points due by Thursday, November 7
    • All points (35) due by Thursday, December 19
  • 3rd 9 weeks: 40 points
  • 4th 9 weeks: 45 points

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me at or message me on our class Remind 101

This week in ELAR:

  • This week, we will be taking our grammar exam.
  • The exam is over the previous six concepts, plus diagramming predicate nouns, predicate adjectives, and direct objects.
  • We are having our class spelling bee on Thursday, 12/12. 

Important dates in ELAR this week:

  • Grammar Exam on Tuesday, 12/10.
  • Class Spelling Bee on Thursday, 12/12