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Welcome to 6th - 8th Grade Religion Class!


My name is Sister Theresa Vu and I am your child’s Religion teacher this year. It is my privilege to accompany your child in growth of mind, heart, and soul as he/she delves into the Catholic faith this year in Religion class. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me:


Sr. Theresa Vu, OP

(281) 328-6561

6th Grade: Course Description & Objectives 

Students will address the basic questions of who God is and how we come to know God. They will come to understand the meaning of our human existence and how God is actively involved in the work of our salvation. Moreover, students will come to know the many faces of Jesus by exploring sources that connect us to Christ; e.g. the Church, their parents, and their peers. They will also understand important Christological concepts, such as Jesus’ Incarnation, the Trinity, Jesus’ miracles, and salvation.

7th Grade: Course Description & Objectives 

By discovering how the Holy Spirit is present in the world today and how He moves in God's people, students will see how God's grace is made possible by the Spirit. They will reflect on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and on how these gifts help them respond to God's love. They will also be led to understand better and participate more fully in the Church's liturgy and Sacraments, of which the summit is the Holy Eucharist.

8th Grade: Course Description & Objectives 

In order to delve deeper into Christian morality and justice, students will learn about the moral principles embodied in the Ten Commandments. They will be given opportunities to apply these Christian moral principles to various real-life situations and will be encouraged to use those principles in their own daily lives. Students will also be able to understand better the nature of prayer and to explore different kinds of prayer that can broaden their opportunities for communion with God.

Grading Scale for Religion:

9-wk Exams, Tests, Projects, & Service Hours - 45%

Quizzes, Homework/Classwork, Attendance (Mass & Class), Class Participation  -  55%


Students will be encouraged to apply religious studies to their everyday life by listening, learning, and penetrating the Word of God and growing deeper in their prayer life. Students will also be expected to keep a faith journal (1/3 section of composition) in which they will complete a journal reflection weekly. Students are expected to come to class promptly, prepared and eager for religious instruction and formation. Religion materials include: Planner, composition notebook, pencil bag, Religion folder, prayer booklet and textbook. Textbook may be taken home with teacher’s permission.

Academic Guidelines

  1. Be prepared to learn by coming to class with a willingness to learn and class materials
  2. Be responsible for all materials covered in class while absent
  3. If an assignment (homework) is not turned in when due the student will have three days to turn in work with ten points taken off for each late day.  If it is not turned in by the third day, then it will be considered incomplete and a zero will be earned for that assignment. Please note that Long-term Project will not be applied here.
  4. No extra credit will be given in any of my classes. The student is encouraged to work harder and better for future assignments.
  5. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated (e.g. cheating, plagiarizing, etc.)