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Oh, Boy!

Our CHRISTMAS MUSICAL, is finally here! This Wednesday, December the 18th, 7:00pm at Crosby High School, Auditorium. Children are REQUIRED to be there by 6:30pm! We are the opening act. Reminder: The traffic at this time is BAD! Please make arrangements accordingly! The dress for the evening is "Seasonal" (It can be anything from jeans and a snowman shirt, to sweats with jingle bells, to even a cute seasonal dress.) Upon arrival you will be guided to your child's drop off area (the black box), then it's time for you to grab your seat, to enjoy the show.

I'm All Ears!

Folders, will NOT be coming home. We will start fresh with the new year.

Hot Diggety Dog!

Our week was "GREAT"! We studied the letter "Gg". Worked on putting Christmas items into alphabetical order. Tried our hand at story writing. Fished out, our Sight Words from a stream. Used our Sight Words to write simple sentences. Read the Gingerbread Boy, and even made our own. We gobbled him up, just like the fox did in our story. 


This week is full of activities! Tuesday, will be Mass, of course. Wednesday is the Christmas Musical, Thursday is the ECC Building Celebration, and Friday there is a noon dismissal, with a movie and PJ's. ...oh, what fun!

Oh, My Gosh!


Letter o/t Week    Christmas Fun!

Reader               Christmas Fun!

Language Arts       Christmas Fun!

Math                 Christmas Fun!

Social Studies       Christmas Fun!


May this Christmas Season bring your family close, and the Christ Child, even closer. Merry Christmas, from my family, to yours! 

Don't forget to register for - click: register, click: Sacred Heart School-Crosby. You will then have to fill out info., click: register to complete. Sacred Heart is hoping to get the WHOLE school registered! ALL monies raised, come back to our school family. 

Please be sure to read your Heart to Heart for all your upcoming, special dates, and events.


                                     Ms. Debbie;)

See ya real soon!

December 17      Mass  

December 18      Christmas Musical

December 19      Christmas Party

December 20      Early Dismissal

December 20      Movie/PJ's

December 20th-January 6th Christmas Holidays