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Oh, Boy!

5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF! The Kindergarten class will be rocketing to the "Big Building" next year! Do you have their next flight plan reserved and ready? Make sure your child has their seat reserved, in their very own command chair, for the First Grade! Register today! Want to register, but need a little help with tuition? Call and let us get you set up! Sacred Heart Proud!

I'm All Ears!
The Pajama Zoom Party, was awesome! We gabbed, we took Selfies, watched a Movie, ran around looking for items for a Scavenger Hunt, and wrapped a friend in Toilet Paper! I give the party a 9 out of 10 stars! The only thing that would have made it better, would have been us all, together, in our own classroom!

Our next "Zoom", will be on May 14th, at noon. Zoom at Noon, with a Knight. All royalty may wear their crowns, and carry their swords. Dragons must be left at the drawbridge, due to fire safety issues. Be there or be thrown into the royal dungeon.

Hot Diggety Dog!


Basic Geometry, we learn our shapes. Circle, square, rectangle...our next know our 3D shapes. We now learn sphere, cube, and rectangular prism, to name a few.

ACTIVITY: When you go to pick up the beach ball, now refer to it as a sphere. When your child picks up his/her cereal box, it is now called a rectangular prism. A Coke can...cylinder. You can even ask your child if they would like to go for a cone, with one sphere or two! Lol!

VIDEOS: YouTube-(3D Shapes)


Cartoon for Kids


A paper reader, was sent  home in the packet. Your child may keep the book, mark on it, and color, as desired. Have your child take the reader, and on the inside of the book write their name. (Ownership) Next have them highlight each and every sight word. (Knowledge) Then have them circle the words they do not know. Discuss and sound out words, the child does not know. (Growth) Finally, go back to the beginning and let your child read the book. Have your child read, read, and read, until they read with fluency. (Reader)  

HINT: Students who scored 90% better than their peers on reading tests, read for more that 20 minutes a day. This is a skill that needs to be practiced and honed. In First Grade your child is often allotted time to read, in order to build those AR Points!

RESOURCE: I wish to encourage you to check out Epic, and use this great resource! An email, with the invitation was sent to you.

PRACTICE: Daily reading to self, for 20 minutes.


New workbook for the week. Again,your child may to write in it.


The writing assignment is to copy the sentence, in BEST handwriting. Remember the spacing, punctuation, and capitals. Then, draw the picture.

SIGHT WORDS: Practice all sight words! Three times each.


Packet (5/07/20): Two Week Packet

Oh, My Gosh!

May 07 - May 21

Math           10 Pgs.

Readers        Paper Reader/20min.Daily

L/A             Workbook

Writing         Sentence/Sight Word


Please be sure to read your Heart to Heart!

Virtual Spring Gala, May 16th, Saturday 6:30pm. It is in giving, that we receive.

Happy Mother's Day, to all Mothers! May our Mother Mary wrap her mantle around you and, bless you!

VIDEO: Mother's Day


                                     Ms. Debbie;)

See ya real soon!

May 21  Packets Due