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Welcome to the 2023- 2024 school year parents. I'm Coach Kyndrick D. Hill and this is Physical Education at it's best. This is my 10th year here as the Coach at Sacred Heart and I must say I have loved every bit of it. We will have a fun and productive time this school year with exciting P.E classes. Students 6-8th will change for PE , and will be required to have tennis shoes for PE. No Sperries!!!! No Plastic Water Bottles!!!  It's going to be a blessing to teach your children and I'm looking forward to it.  Please feel free to email me if you have any concerns.

Feb 26th -Mar 1st Schedule Below:

P.E.: PreK - 2nd Grade: Running With Baton

P.E.: 3rd- 8th Grade: Fitness Test/ Indian Run

Health:  Health-  Hygiene/ Sports Black History Figure due February 29th

5th Grade: Health Thur-  Hygiene

6th Grade:  Health Friday - Controlling Diseases 

7th Grade:  Health Tuesday- Controlling Diseases

8th Grade:  Health Wednesday- Contolling Diseases 

Grading System -Physical Education

50% Participation

50% Dressing

Please come prepared to PE with proper tennis shoes. No sperries. We will be playing games out on the field and we will like to keep all kids safe.