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PreK 3

I want to thank for your continuous help with your child's education. I know this has been an adjustment for everyone, however, we will get through this together. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!


*May 16-Virtual Spring Gala at 6:30pm. Come join the fun and fellowship. We would love to see you there! Please check your emails for upcoming details.

*May 21- Home Study Packet due


*New Office Hours: Monday-Thursday-9:00am-3:00pm

*ENROLLMENT: Save your spot for next year! Please contact the office(281.328.6561) for further details.

Helpful ideas to practice:

Technology Sites: 

Starfall- Abc Mouse- Letter Quiz Lite -Sheppard Software -Epic -Khan Academy Kids- Youtube: Meet the Sight Words-Level 1 Preschool Prep Company

-Youtube: 25 Sight Words for Kindergarten #1 Vocabulary Words

Candy Letter Match:

    -Write pairs of letters on sticker dots and place them on the bottom of several Hershey's Kisses. Put out about 10 pairs at a time. If the letters match, they keep it. Those that do not match, they put it back. At the end of the game, all of the Hershey's Kisses goes back in the middle of the table.

Letter Hunt: 

    -Choose any 10 letters at a time from the letter manipulatives such as foam letters, magnetic letters, etc. Go through a stack of shuffled letter cards and call out each letter. As the letters are called, they should look to see if they have that letter and put it in a basket.

    -To practice letter sounds: Call out a word and have your child identify the first letter of the word.

Memory Game: (This can be used for letters, numbers, and sight words)

    - Put the matching pairs of the letters, numbers, or sight words layed out on the table or floor. As each card is flipped over, say whatever is flipped over. For letters, they may also say the sounds. If the cards do not match, flip it back over. For the cards that do match, keep it where you can see and continue reciting as each of the other cards are being flipped until game is over.

Listen and Spray Letter/Counting Game:

    -Write numbers/letters on the sidewalk or wooden fence.

    -For numbers, have your child listen to how many claps or the number you call out and then spray the number with water.

    -For letters, have your child listen to the letter or sound that you call out and spray letter with water.

Counting Activity: 

    -Write numbers on a paper cup or styrofoam cup and have your child place and count the item in the cup. Example of manipulatives: beans, buttons, pipe cleaners, etc.

Handwriting Activities:

-Playdoh -dot markers -shaving cream - side walk chalk -cotton swabs/paint


**Check the Heart to Heart for important dates/events/good news information at SHCS.

**Please send 2 drinks and eating utensils daily for your child as we have morning snack and lunch.  Water only  at this time for snack. No Red Juice in the carpeted areas of the school. Thank you

**Spirit Dress Days are on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month.

**Help support SHCS-We will collect Box Tops/Tyson Labels throughout the year.      

From Father Chris It is with heart felt joy that I am able to celebrate Mass with the students at Sacred Heart each week. As we move forward, I have a couple of requests. For parents who attend the School Mass. Please allow the students to sit with their class during Mass. This is an extension of their religious instruction they receive as part of Sacred Heart Catholic School. When attending Masses for special events such as Grandparents Day, the students may sit with their families in attendance. As a reminder to the presence of our Lord and Savior at each Mass, please refrain from chewing gum, eating or using a cell phone for games or texting during Mass. Sacred Heart Parish is blessed to have a Catholic School as part of our parish ministries. May God bless you for the sacrifice you make to allow your children a Catholic Education. Rev. Chris Unachukwu.

"Reaching New Heights"

Mrs. Andrea Williams